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Seven and Eight Course Lutes

8 course lute after the C45 Tieffenbrucher, 62.5 cm

The body of this lute is slightly reduced (95%) from the original in the Vienna KHM; this allows for a longer string length than one normally sees for 8c lutes, and also allows for 9 tied frets. The body is slightly larger than most g' lute models, which gives it the capacity for a full bass sound (this model was designed with gut basses in mind, and either gimped or pistoy strings work very well). It has the subtlety and dynamic range needed for solo work, as well as the power and projection to stand its place in ensembles and as an accompaniment to voice. For the repertoire of the English and Continental "Golden Age", I would call this my most 'compleat' lute model.

I also make this lute as a 9 course model, and as a 10 course with a string length of 64 cm.

The back is of 17 ribs, either dark yew with sycamore spacers, or striped yew without spacers. The neck and pegbox are veneered in ebony, and there is an ebony edge binding on the belly.

bowl detail bridge detail rose detail

Other seven and eight course lute models

This model is based on the lute dated 1592 by Vendelio Venere in the Accademia Filarmonica, Bologna, one of the very few lutes to have come down to us in a virtually unaltered state. The original has 25 dark yew ribs with light-coloured spacers; I have redesigned it as a 13-rib model, following the example of other Paduan lutes of the period.

The string length is 58.5cm, and tunes in modern g' or low pitch a'. The model shown has dark yew ribs with holly spacers, but it can also be built with hardwood ribs (such as curly maple) with dyed-black poplar spacers.

Fingerboard, points, and soundboard edge binding are of ebony, and the pegs are of dyed-black castella boxwood. The model shown has a neck and pegbox of pear, but is also available with ebony veneers on the pegbox and neck.
Here is an mp3 of an 8c Venere. "Ancor che col partire" by Cipriano de Rore, Elizabeth Baber, Soprano, and Charles Weaver, lute.

If your browser doesn't support this format, you can also listen here:

This lute is available as either a 7- or 8-course model.

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